What's Your Wish?: An Original Folk-Musical

(C) Theatre Now NY 2017

(C) Theatre Now NY 2017


All Nicholas wanted for his 16th birthday was a car. Instead, a magical storybook sucked him and his best friend Brian into the fantastical world of Death Forest. After encountering an old, friendly-yet-unbearably-lonely trash rat, the boys learn that the only way to make it out alive is to find the enchantress of the forest. Only she can grant their wish to return home. With the additional help of a young, rebellious fairy, the boys learn about the power of trust, true friendship, and the meaning of sacrifice. 

Production History

What's Your Wish? was originally a ten-minute musical, and was first performed at Theater Now New York's Sound Bites Ten-Minute Musical Festival in December 2014. There, the group was awarded Best Music and Best Actor (Sam De Roest). Since then it has been extended into an hour and a half. Thicket & Thistle raised over $7,000 on Kickstarter for the show. It had a successful run FringeNYC - The New York International Fringe Festival in the Al Fresco division (which provides free shows to audiences), was performed indoors at Access Theater in February 2016, and, most recently, was produced for a 9-show workshop run at West End Theater by Theatre Now New York

(C) Theatre Now NY 2017; Photos by Sarah George


Logo by Sarah George

Cast & Crew

Kyle Acheson Nicholas (guitar)
Sam De Roest | Brian (mandolin)
Joshua Stenseth | Old Vern, Donald (banjolele)
Corley Pillsbury | The Enchantress; Nicholas' Mom (accordion)
Lindsey Zaroogian The Fairy, McKenzie (flute, accordion)

Erin Giblin | Light Designer (Access Theater 2016)
David Sexton | Lighting Designer (Theater Now NY 2017)
Rodrigo Escalante | Set Designer (Theater Now NY 2017)
Genevieve Beller | Costumer Designer (Theater Now NY 2017)
Ashley Benson | Wardrobe Supervisor (Theatre Now NY 2017)
Jonathan Eric Foster | Director
Sarah George | T&T Producer, Original Backdrop Designer

On the website of Thicket and Thistle, the New York-based troupe behind What’s Your Wish?, the company perfectly self-identifies as “musical theatre for adult children.” Indeed, both my inner child and outer adult were delighted by the catchy melodies and intricate harmonies in this whimsical piece of original theatre. The ensemble is tremendously talented, demonstrating marvelous comedic timing while playing everything from flute to accordion. Aided by Jonathan Foster’s snappy direction and a remarkably cohesive score, the actors move things along smoothly, stopping only to deliver a one-liner or emphasize a particularly clever lyric. By the end, I felt I had gone on a journey worthy of Disney or Pixar.
— Brett Aresco, Theatre Is Easy
The cast performs a song from 'What's Your Wish?' at FringeNYC - The New York International Fringe Festival. Photo by Ellen Bryan of Lenny's Lens Photography. 

The cast performs a song from 'What's Your Wish?' at FringeNYC - The New York International Fringe Festival. Photo by Ellen Bryan of Lenny's Lens Photography.