A resident of NYC from 2011-2016, Corley originally hails from Austin, TX. Corley began singing, acting, and songwriting at a young age. She made her onstage solo debut at the age of seven at the Gladewater Opry, where she delighted the audience with Reba McEntire’s “Walk On,” which she sang while nervously shifting her weight from one foot to the other. Somewhere in her mom's garage, there is filmed documentation of this occurrence. Since then, Corley has accrued many onstage hours both in theatre and music performance. She is a graduate of the Webster Conservatory of Theatre Arts, where she earned a BFA in musical theatre and also explored studies in directing, dialects, and songwriting. She has two albums of original music: a gypsy-bluegrass-soul amalgamation entitled Underworld, and a stripped down piano-and-vocals compilation called Simple Songs. She plays the piano, accordion, and autoharp passably well, and enjoys singing in French. Being a bit of an artistic dilettante, Corley is also proud to serve as Thicket & Thistle’s unofficial Craft Captain.